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  • We supply seeds of high quality forage varieties to the leading
    livestock farmers in Thailand.

  • Our forage varieties can be used to establish pasture for grazing or for cut-
    and-carry feeding for animals reared in stalls or feedlots.

  • Forages crops can also be preserved by making them into silage,
    hay and pellets (these products are sometimes called fodder or roughage).

  • Our forage varieties include the grasses Mulato II, Cayman, Mombasa Guinea,
    Purple Guinea, Ubon Paspalum and the legume Ubon Stylo.

  • Our varieties have been selected to give high yields of nutritious forage
    in tropical areas so that your animals will be healthy, strong and prolific.

  • A list of our products and prices can be found here.

Dairy cows grazing a 120 rai (19 hectares) field of Mulato II grass at Farm Chokchai. The photo was taken in the middle of the year, but later in November, this same field was used to produce 312 big bales of Mulato II hay (2.6 bales per rai) weighing 350kg per bale.
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